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X-Factor 2008 Diana Vickers

Should Diana have won the ITV singing contest xfactor?

You can post your message of support to appear HERE on this fans site for Diana Vickers. Browse the messages of support already posted by using the Fans Page buttons on the left. All of your messages sent in will appear on the fans pages of the web site. Each week one lucky fan will have their message displayed right here on the HOME PAGE! Send in your message now and remember Keep Voting for Diana!!! If you have any pictures of Diana Vickers or yourself with Diana, please e-mail them to us and we'll try to include them on the site!

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Well done Alexandra Burke 2008 X-Factor WINNER !!!!



Messages of support continue to pour in for Diana

Fans are devastated to see talented Diana Vickers voted out of this years X-Factor

There are now 16+ pages of tribute messages here showing the overwhelming support from Diana Vickers fans everywhere. Diana will surely be signed up now by one of the major recording companies.

The recording contract offered by Gary Barlow! Fans ask will Diana Vickers now Take that deal?

Diana, we are all sure that you will become a recording star and fans are eagerly awaiting your first album release. If you have a message for your many fans, we will be pleased to display it here for your supporters to see.

Keep sending in your messages of support for Diana



Latest update 26.02.09


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15.02.09 Message from: David Clark

support_message: beautiful voice diana you will have a great music future xx

16.02.09 Message from: hayley

support_message: diana you are simply the best ...better than all the rest!

19.02.09 Message from: catherine
support_message: diana u r amazein nd it was so sad u did not win buh u will alwaiiz b a winner in ma eyes

23.02.09 Message from: Andrew Lacey
support_message: Just to say you are my Blackburn's Princess because I've been Voting for you when the First Life-Show came in i did think it was a Fix of you're Favour it means i'm going to get you're Album This Christmas and I'm Still Supporting for yo Diana i'm going to give you 9.Million Percent behind you

23.02.09 Message from: kate twist
support_message: omg diana is the most amazing singer i hve ever heard in my whole life she has that special thing that makes her unique she has the potental to be the worlds best singer x x

25.02.09 Message from: Fraser
support_message: Diana you rock girl. When will we get to buy your first album. I know you can top the charts you are amazing. Ps. If you ever need a photographer Please call on me I would love to work for you. Take care and all the luck in the world. Never give up your dreams.  Warmest Regards.












Please keep your messages of support coming in. If you would like your message to appear on this tribute web site its easy to do by visiting our email your comments page




Welcome to the website set up in tribute to the young X Factor star Diana Vickers.

Diana, was a 16 year old student from Accrington near Blackburn when she sang the Damien Rice song "The Blower's Daughter" at her X Factor audition.

Although Diana was quite nervous the Judges liked her rendition of the song and showed their approval with 4 yes votes for the talented X Factor hopeful.

Louis Walsh commented that he loved the fact that Diana was different from everybody else.

Simon Cowell said that Diana was one of his favourites and that he absolutely loved her singing.

Dannii Minogue loved the tone of Diana's voice whilst Cheryl Cole thought that Diana has a very distinctive sounding voice, which she found very unique.

Hopefully Diana can go all the way in this years x-factor. Good luck Diana, we wish you every success in fulfilling your dreams.

Updated 01.10.08 Diana has now successfully made it through to the next stage of the X-Factor competition and will be mentored by Judge Cheryl Cole.



This weeks featured message

Message from: hayley

support_message: diana you are simply the best ...better than all the rest!




Please keep your messages of support coming in. If you would like your message to appear on this tribute web site its easy to do by visiting our email your comments page



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