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13.10.08 Message from: Ashley Dacombe
support_message: Absolutely fantastically well done. "With or without you" was just incredible. I really hope Diana wins, (the fact I had a flutter at the bookies for her to win has nothing to do with it!!).
Honestly, best of luck, just the most amazing voice - the fact that she's stunningly beautiful helps too !

13.10.08 Message from: Martha
support_message: I have 2 daughters of a very similar age and we all love your voice and your totally unique style and image. All the best, we shall be routing for you in this competition. Just don't let the media spoil you and the fun you can have, you are so young.Go Girl!! xx

14.10.08 Message from: Maisy
support_message: Please even if you don't win find some way of making  your own single or album as there are enough people in the world who love your voice and would love to buy your music ....please im begging just don't give up because if you do all your fans will be depressed as they love your unique voice

15.10.08 Message from:Nicki

support_message: An amazingly haunting sound, I have played With or Without you over and over on You Tube since Saturday my husband, a huge U2 fan absolutely loved it, that is a complement!! You must win Diana, I want to buy the album!!  Good luck all the way honey, be rooting for you

15.10.08 Message from: Kyle Barrett
support_message: Hey Diana. Your Gorgeous (:
and brilliant at singing! rooting 4 ya babs :P (Y) gd luck

16.10.08 Message from: adam
support_message: OMg diana vucikers to win your amazing no other voice like yours raw talet and im voting all the way foo ya hun
with or without you saterday was amazing i have your livew preformance on my phone i havent stop listering to it if you go all the way n WIN ! defoo will i hopw you would release with or without you on ur album cuz i loved you singing that
totaly amazing girl all the best good luck adam xxxx

18.10.08 Message from: Melissa
support_message: OMG! I Love You..youare amazing and every time you sing u make me melt ur voice is brilliant and i wish you all the best and i am voting and routing for u x You are gna win and even if u dnt wich u will...ure a winner in my eyes your the best!
wooopp go diana x

19.10.08 Message from: Derek H
support_message: OK I'm an old 50 year old with grown up kids and I think your voice and style is fantastic. I can;t wait till you record so I can line up your cd with my rolling stones and beatles ones

19.10.08 Message from: Val
support_message: C'mon Diana. You are amazing. I love your voice and the way that you make every song your own. I am convinced you are going to win the XFactor. Good luck and enjoy every moment:)

19.10.08 Message from: david
support_message: diana you are sensational your voice is so pure and relaxing too listen too amazing i will buy your 1st album go on girl win win win you are the xfactor love dave xxx

19.10.08 Message from: craig
support_message: hi i love u i hope u win i vote for u 5 time on once on the live 1 and 5 times on live 2 love you craig xxxxxxx

19.10.08 Message from: Jade
support_message: OMG I so hope you win Diana your absoloutly amazing, anyone who doesn't like you is crazyy, keep it up!

19.10.08 Message from: Kady Jones
support_message: Team Diana! whoo! keep on goin girly ur great nd deserve the win! keep it up! luv u lots xxx Diana FTW!

19.10.08 Message from: rob w

support_message: just keep being yourself, cos its why i think you're fantastic..you're beautiful, go all the way darlin



You can send in your message of support to appear on either the home page or this fans page by using our Email Page


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